About Us

Hey Fam!  I'm Marvin, and in May 2021 -- alongside my wife, Aleah Rae — I co-founded Meat The Mushroom.  At the time, I'd been vegan for over 7 years, and when I first made the switch to plant-based living, I had no idea how much of an impact just changing my diet would have on my overall health. In less than a year after going vegan, I was able to beat an early diagnosis of heart disease and cure the asthma that had bothered me since childhood!
My wife and I are firm believers that what we eat, makes the biggest difference in our life and health.  That's why we are super proud that our first product --- SHROOMACON --- is helping vegans, vegetarians, and those who just don't want to eat pork anymore, still enjoy the taste, texture, and smell of bacon.

Our plant-based bacon is made of only 5 clean-label ingredients.  And it's no surprise it's so delicious...

You only need a few ingredients for the BEST things in life!

 (Call us biased, but we think our daughter Norah is EXTRA cute with her EXTRA CHROMOSOME!  My wife and I are a part of the #LuckyFew.  We are blessed to be raising a beautiful little girl with Down's Syndrome.)