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    "Absolutely DELICIOUS! This healthily substitute was very delicious and light to digest."

    ~ Jorda ~

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    "Amazing!!!! It was soooooo tasty!!!! So glad for an all natural non processed product I can eat guilt free!!"

    ~ Seatrice ~

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    "Excellent flavor - Great substitue This is the closest you can get to the flavor of actual bacon. Great texture and flavor."

    ~ Lesline ~

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    "It's bacon to me! Love this stuff! Makes great BLTs but I like it by itself with my coffee. Who needs meat?"

    ~ Cherie ~

... and that's why each slice of SHROOMACON is uniquely delicious!

Like snowflakes, no two SHROOMACON slices are exactly the same. Not surprising, since it's the ONLY bacon alternative not made in a mold.

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Bacon without the bad stuff.

The smell. The taste. The texture. SHROOMACON has everything you love about pork bacon --- and nothing you don't! It's soy and gluten-free and has no cholesterol and no nitrates.


MEET OUR FOUNDER: "Going vegan saved my life."

I invented SHROOMACON to help vegans, vegetarians, and anybody looking to #PassOnPork, still enjoy the taste, texture and smell of one of my favorite foods. Can't wait for you to try it for yourself, Fam! 

~ Marvin Montague, Jr ~

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Tabitha Brown eats SHROOMACON! 😱