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SHROOMACON - 2 Packs - As Seen On SHARK TANK 🦈📺

SHROOMACON - 2 Packs - As Seen On SHARK TANK 🦈📺

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 Now made with OLIVE OIL 🫒

Your new plant-based bacon is here! Made from SLICED MUSHROOMS and only 4 other ingredients, SHROOMACON contains:

  • NO nitrates

  • NO soy

  • NO gluten

  • NO cholesterol

  • NO saturated fats

You've never tasted a bacon alternative quite like this.  Imagine the taste, texture --- and even smell --- of your favorite pork bacon WITHOUT all the added bad stuff.  It's the perfect addition to your next breakfast, BLT and more. 

Got questions?  Check out our extensive FAQ page HERE!


Mushrooms, Olive Oil, Natural Smoke Flavor, Salt and Black Pepper


Each pack of SHROOMACON contains approximately 8-10 slices, and is good FROZEN for up to a year. (The "If frozen, use by" date will be printed directly on the package.)  Once thawed, packs should be cooked.  Uncooked product in an opened pack is good for up to 7 days refrigerated. DO NOT RE-FREEZE AN OPEN PACK.


We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $50 or more --- and $10 flat rate shipping on orders LESS than $50.

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While shipping mailers do include a small ice pack, it is still possible your Shroomacon packs will arrive room temperature or warm (especially in summer months).

If they arrive room temperature or warm, THEY ARE STILL SAFE TO CONSUME. Simply store them FROZEN until ready to prepare.  You will find a use by (expiration date) printed on each package.

To thaw, place pack(s) of Shroomacon in a bowl of cool water for 30 minutes. Then, cook as instructed on the back of packaging!

**We do not ship to PO Box addresses and accept no liability if you place an order to be shipped to a P.O. box.**


Orders are dispatched each week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, for arrival later the same week.  Any order placed Thursday - Sunday, will typically ship Monday. 

We typically ship packages within 7 - 10 days from an order being received, subject to the conditions above. 

***Again because of overwhelming demand on the heels of our SHARK TANK appearance 🦈📺:  YOUR ORDER CAN TAKE BETWEEN 7-10 DAYS TO BE FULFILLED as our team prepares it --- meaning it may not ship for 7-10 days after you place it.  During this time there will be NO TRACKING INFO available, since it has not shipped!***

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Please Note:  We cannot cancel or make changes to an order if it has already been shipped.  We will neither refund nor reship an order in cases when the WRONG ADDRESS was entered at checkout.  

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Your Shroomacon packs will have detailed cooking instructions on the back, but to see how EASY it is to prepare in a skillet, check out the video below!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 424 reviews
Danielle Patrick

This was soooooo DELICIOUS!!! I just wish I had ordered more!!!! On the lookout for a restock and will tell any local grocery I can to carry!!! Big fans here in Iowa!

Shroomacon Love

I love all mushrooms! All Mushrooms have a lot of health benefits such as many amino acids that meat has, and anti-inflammatory prosperities as well. Care not at all for greasy bacon filled with fat waiting for a heart attack. So, most certainly looking forward to trying this Shroomacon! Thank you for introducing a healthy alternative to bacon.

Yolanda Howard
Love Love ❤️

Tried this bacon 🥓 to replace all other bacon and I must say, this was absolutely delicious 😋

Wonderful Switch from Meat

I really like Shroomacon as my new breakfast protein. The taste, texture and health benefits has made my gradual transition from animal to plant base diet that much easier!

Nikkole Tarver

Great flavor and texture!