About Us

(Pictured: Meat The Mushroom founders, Marvin and Aleah Montague with their daughter Norah --- extra cute with her extra chromosome!  Marvin and Aleah are a part of the #LuckyFew, as they proudly raise a beautiful little girl with Downs Syndrome born May 2022.)

Welcome Friends!  

We're The Montagues --- the husband and wife team behind this brand.  Launched in May 2021, Meat The Mushroom is a family-owned and operated company based in Baltimore, MD that's on a mission to help the world experience MUSHROOMS in a MEATIER way.  

Why are we so passionate about creating more plant-based foods options for the world to enjoy?  Well for one thing, our co-founder, Marvin has been a vegan for over 7 years, and going vegan allowed him to beat an early diagnosis of heart-disease, as well as cure himself of chronic asthma --- something he suffered from since childhood.

 We're so proud our first product, SHROOMACON, is helping vegans and those transitioning to become vegan still enjoy the taste, texture and smell of bacon.  Look for more mushroom-based meat alternatives from us soon to come...